1981 Nascar Daytona Trans Am

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This is my husbands 1981 Daytona Nascar Pace Car "Banshee".  We found her sitting on the side of the road the same day we we going to test drve the GTO.  Driving through Ponchatoula, LA this white Trans Am caught my eye and knowing that my husband is a Trans Am nut I pulled over.  Well I knew this car would be going home with us the second that I noticed it was signed by the Nascar Car Driver Richard Petty!!!  Johnny is a huge Nascar fan and knew that Richard Petty was the winner of the Daytona 500 in 1981.  That day we bought both cars and added them into our home.  The car was stock with the original turbo 301 and that was perfect for a purest like my husband. :)  Since 2006 he has updated several things but not to take away from the history of the car it still is in orignal trim powered by the turbo 301.

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