2005 GTO

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  We added a 2005 "Yellow Jacket" GTO to our Collection in March 06 and I have to say it's a blast to drive, this is why she has earned her name "Trouble". When the production numbers came out from Pontiac in 2006 I could not beleive once again we were lucky enough to have 1 of the 35 cars produced in the same trim as ours. Just like the Formula which is 1 of 31, it was set aside and became a car we used to show and enjoy on a whole new leval. Trouble is an automatic with no mods but I have to say it's getting hard not to get a little something done. Modding out the Expedition is starting to sound good but is not the answer. I got the GTO since I didn't want to touch the Formula and with the power the GTO already had it would not take much to put it where I wanted to be as a "daily driver". Things change and back to the Expedition I went, Good thing I love it so.

Please visit my photo page for more pictures of Trouble.